Beekeeping Bootcamp

Beekeeping Basics

Interested in starting a hive?  In this session, we re covering the basics!  We will delve into honey bee biology and beekeeping history, learn what equipment is needed, discuss optimal hive locations and gain more practical advice for a crash course that will get you ready for the season.

Package Installation and Early Season Management

Let s get these bees settled in! In this session we will cover the practical aspects of getting your hive set up from acquiring and transporting packages, to installation, to handling. Experience the excitement and learn hands-on as together we install a live hive!

Mid-Season Management and Maladies

How are we looking? In this mid-season session, we will check in to see how to manage challenges that come up over the season. Do you need to add room or split a colony? How do you check for swarming or identify a parasite problem? We will discuss all kinds of potential issues that can come up and get to the bottom board of how to recognize and solve it.

Honey Extraction

How sweet it is! This workshop will focus all on honey: how to extract and how much to remove, what to use, how to process it, and of course how it tastes!!

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