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2022 Pollinator Summit

We are excited to announce our 7th Annual Colorado Pollinator Summit.  Each year we bring together nationally and regionally recognized pollinator experts to discuss strategies for protecting and managing pollinators in Colorado. The Summit is designed for organizations, agencies, businesses, professionals, educators, growers, land managers, researchers and volunteers actively working to conserve and protect pollinators and their habitats.


Beekeeping Bootcamp Package 2022

About Beekeeping Bootcamp

These workshops are designed to support beginning beekeepers all the through their first season. Workshops are taught by Lorna McCallister, Butterfly Pavilion Target Species Manager and knowledgeable beekeeper. You'll work alongside Lorna and other learning beekeepers, developing the skills necessary to achieve thriving hives. Beekeeping Bootcamp is qualified through the Colorado State Beekeeping Association (CSBA)!


Member: $150 for first participant, $50 for one additional participant

Non-member: $165 for first participant, $75 for one additional participant


  • Thank you for your interest in our 2022 Beekeeping Bootcamp program at Butterfly Pavilion! We are planning on hosting again our 5-part beekeeping bootcamp classes and making adjustments for possible virtual learning as well as safe, modified, in-person time in our apiary in 2022. Classes can be purchased separately or as a package.


2022 Class dates are:


  • Saturday January 8: Beekeeping Basics - 10am-1pm (in-person)
  • Saturday April 9: Package Installation - 10am-1pm (in-person)
  • Saturday June 11: Mid-Season Management and maladies - 10am-1pm - (in-person)
  • Saturday August 13: Honey Extraction - 10am-1pm (in-person)
  • Saturday October 8: Preparing for Winter - 10am-1pm (in-person)


Birthday Parties at Butterfly Pavilion


BP Family Nature Club

Explore exciting nature topics with the whole family. Workshops typically take place the third Saturday of the month from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm.


Members: $6 Adults, $4 Children (2 - 12)
Non-members: $14 Adults, $6 Children (2 - 12)
Includes admission to Butterfly Pavilion

Please note:

Pre-registration and pre-payment required. Family Nature Club workshops are best suited for families with children ages 4-10.

30 person maximum per program.

Bringing a large group or have questions about ages? Call us at 720-974-1877 to see which tour can best accommodate you!

Programs are not eligible for senior discounts. Children under 2 years old are free of admission, but content is not well suited for this age range.




Busy Bees

Do all bees make honey or juust honey bees? Do all bees live in a hive or do some live underground? Come spend the day with us as we learn all about bees and get to try some honey!

*Campers will be given the opportunity to try honey*

Butterfly Pavilion Rainforest Yoga

Experience a rejuvenating yoga class in our tropical rainforest. Led by one of our rotating instructors, classes provide an amazing opportunity to transcend the hustle and bustle of daily life as you practice amongst the butterflies in our conservatory.

Refunds/Transfers: If you are no longer able to attend, please contact Butterfly Pavilion 48 hours before your class and you will be given the option to transfer your registration to a different date. No refunds are given once the class has been purchased, unless Butterfly Pavilion cancels the class for any reason.  No transfers will be allowed after the class has ended if the participant is unable to attend. 


Flashlight Tours

Discover the mysteries of invertebrates at every turn through this one-of-a-kind, immersive event!

Pre-registration is required. Up to 20 guests in each group. Minimum age is 5 years old - participants 17 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult.


Ticket Pricing:

Public Adult: $15

Public Child (2-12): $9

Groups of 5 or more: $11 per person

Member Adult: $12

Member Child (2-12): $5

General Admission Timed Entry Tickets

Tickets only valid for the date and time selected. Tickets are non-refundable.

Please maintain social distance and limit your visit to 80 minutes and exit the facility.

Guests should check in within the half-hour following their timed entry with the exception of 4:00 p.m. tickets.

Front Doors lock at 4:15 p.m.

Tickets must be reserved for children under 2.


EBT/SNAP recipients can receive discounted tickets by showing their card to the front desk when purchasing tickets. EBT/SNAP discounts are not available online.



Macro Photography

Whether you’re a paparazzo or can’t figure out your camera, phone, join expert photographer Bob Krugmire for hands-on instruction that will teach you to maximize the potential of your camera! Leave with better skills, knowledge, and tons of fantastic close-up shots.  Space is limited!  Pre-registration and pre-payment are required.

Macro Photography Package 2022

Whether you're a paparazzo or can't figure out your camera phone, join expert photographer Bob Krugmire for hands-on instruction that will teach you to maximize the potential of your camera!


Full Series Pricing:

Members: $50.00

Non-members: $65.00


Free same-day admission after the class concludes.

Join us for a fun event creating miniature naturescapes called "miniworlds" with The Terrorium Shop

The Terrorium Shop is Denver's home for unique art combined with natural history. They are most known for their miniworlds. Glass displays featuring real dried floral, insects, bones, crystals and other elements from the natural world, forever encased in a glass dome.

In this class each participant will get their very own 2.75 x 4  glass dome with cork base, choice of 1 pinned Colotis Regina butterfly or 1 Heliconius Doris butterfly, an assortment of dried botanicals, crystals and optional bones.


MLK Day Camp Mon Jan 16: Beauty of Bright Bugs

Monday January 16 (MLK Day Camp): Beauty of Bright Bugs - What's brighter, bioluminescence in the water or a firefly? Do they use their light for communication or to find their way in the dark? Come explore with us how different animals make their own light and who is the brightest bug!


Poison vs. Venom

Monday November 21st:

Poison vs Venom: Is a monarch butterfly poisonous or venomous? What about a spider? Come spend the day with us and explore which bugs are poisonous and which bugs are venomous!


Pollinator Power

Are bees the only pollinators? Are wasps pollinators? Comes spend the day with us and explore the world or pollinators and what makes them pollinators!

Spider 101

What is the difference between a spider and a tarantula? What is the biggest and smallest spider? Come spend the day with us as we learn all about spiders and get to see some in real life!

Tripod Photography

Relish a quiet hour of tripod photography in the tropical rainforest before we open our doors to the public. Snap photos of awakening butterflies and exotic tropical flowers in the morning light. Sessions are offered monthly and begin at 7:45 am.

You may pre-register and pay online (preferred) or pay at the door.  Program is limited to 25 participants.

Cost:  $15 for non-members, $11.00 for members. Note: This session is self-guided. Participants supply own equipment.

If you are experiencing trouble with online registration, please email to sign up.

If you have questions about this program, please email or call 720-974-1877






Virtual Invertebrate Encounter - Insects

Through this virtual program, a featured insect is introduced and discussed in detail. Then student scientists take the lead through inquiry, asking questions about the animal that set the direction for the remainder of this fun, back-and-forth session 


Winter Camp 1/2: Bug Gossip 101

1/2: Bug Gossip 101

Do bugs talk with each other? How do they communicate? Come spend the day with us while we explore the world of bug communication and the different ways that they communicate!



Winter Camp 1/3: Praying Mantis 101

1/3: Praying Mantis 101

Are praying mantis insects or arachnids? Why do some look like flowers and others look like leaves? Come spend the day with us as we explore the world of praying mantises!



Winter Camp 1/4: Masters of Disguise

1/4: Masters of Disguise

Who is better at camouflaging, a cuttlefish or an octopus? Do some bugs really look like flowers? Come spend the day with us as we explore the bugs that camouflage and what makes them masters of disguise!



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