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Pollinated and Pressed - Class Series Package

Class Series Package Details - included general admission

- Session 1

The Inside Scoop on Pollination

Sunday, 8/27/23


Join us for an immersive journey into the fascinating world of flowers and their anatomy that allows for pollination. This event offers a unique opportunity to dissect flowers and truly see how pollination is possible. You will also be able to see pollinators in action, doing the magic that turns flowers into seeds.

- Session 2

Pressing for Success

Sunday, 9/17/23


Whether you're an aspiring botanist, a nature enthusiast, or simply love flowers, you will enjoy this workshop where you can learn how to safely harvest and press flowers with the goal of turning these into beautiful works of art! The techniques we teach can be used at home as well so you can grow your pressed flower collection!

- Session 3

Floral Fantascience

Sunday, 10/22/23

10:30am - 12:00pm

Bring your pressed flowers (we can also provide some for you) and turn them into beautiful scientific art by mounting the flowers on herbarium paper and learning how to label the parts! Build your skills and make something beautiful!

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