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Expert Lecture: Pop Culture Plants

Sunday, July 07, 2024 - 10:00 AM

Running Time: 1 hour

Dream-inducing flower fields, crime-fighting vegetables, houseplants with beautiful baritone voices - plants make countless appearances throughout film, poetry, music and art. How much of this storytelling is based in science? Join for an exploration of plants in pop culture, and answer some of your most burning botanical questions: Can a willow actually whomp, or a tree really be giving? Do piranha plants exist, and should Mario really be interested in all those mushrooms? Butterfly Pavilion's Horticulturist and Manager of Community Habitats, Ashley White, provides some scientific context to our favorite flora fables.

Ashley's bio: Ashley White is Butterfly Pavilion's Community Habitats Manager, and a member of the BP team since 2017. Her education and background primarily focus on Horticulture and according to Ashley, "nature nerdom", mingled with art and creative pursuits. She's passionate about connecting people to healthy outdoor spaces and transformative experiences with wildlife. Ashley leads and supports many of Butterfly Pavilion's habitat-building and community science projects: Urban Prairies Project, Healthy Habitats Gardening Program, and more.

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