Adult Programs

Pollinator Gardening Mini-Bootcamp

If you ve always wanted to see more butterflies in your garden, have bigger harvests from your kitchen garden, or just make a positive difference for the planet, pollinator habitat gardening could be for you! This 90-minute interactive workshop will introduce you to the principles and practices of pollinator habitat gardening, from site assessment to design to maintenance. Learn about bees, butterflies, and other pollinators while also learning how simple changes to your landscape can add food, shelter, and other resources for these important animals.


Pollinators Miniworld - Clouded Sulphur Butterfly

*This class is intended for adults but is suitable for 16+ with an adult present*

Learn how to build your own Preserved Miniworld in this exciting class.

Taught by The Terrorium Shop, Denver’s natural history store, you will learn how to assemble a beautifully preserved display showcasing elements of nature. Completely put your own spin on this itty bitty world and have it for years to treasure.

This class will start with a short lecture on native pollinators by the Butterfly Pavilion and then go into the art portion. The specimen we will work with is a Colorado native butterfly, Colias philodice.

Included is one 2.25""x 3.75"" glass dome with a cork base (pictured), 1 mounted sulphur butterfly specimen (Colias philodice), crystals, dried botanicals, and moss.

Scorpion Pinning Workshop

*This call is intended for adults but is suitable for 16+ with an adult in attendance*

Taught by The Terrorium Shop, Denver’s natural history store. In this class, you will learn everything you need to know to mount your very own scorpion specimen.

This class will start with a short lecture discussing the anatomy and lifestyle habits of the selected specimens. You will learn about relaxing chambers, the different types, and how to make a quick, easy relaxing chamber from household items. The last portion of the class will be hands-on pinning of your specimen.

Each person will receive one relaxed scorpion, a mini relaxing chamber, their own pinning board, and their own set of entomology pins. Please note the morphos do not have their thorax as they are removed due to grease of specimens.

Sensory Friendly Afternoons at Butterfly Pavilion

Here at Butterfly Pavilion, we know that things can get pretty hectic with busy butterflies, bees and bodies buzzing around during the day. Join us for a low-sensory morning before we open to the public that meets the needs of families that need to experience the Pavilion in a different way. With natural lighting, quiet tones, and limited admission – this experience offers your little one an enjoyable, low-key experience just for them.

Each Sensory Friendly Afternoon offers guided interpretation in each exhibit, optional activity guides, and an interactive Storytime program.

Sound Bath Amongst Butterflies

Music and sound profoundly impact our well-being and can completely transform and elevate our mood. Join IndigoAshley for an hour-long sound healing at Butterfly Pavilion. Enjoy deep relaxation in an immersion of harmonic tones from quartz crystal singing bowls, chimes, and a tongue drum that soothes the body and mind. This meditative sound healing helps dissipate stress, supports happiness and mental clarity, and activates the imagination all while connecting to the frequencies of the Earth and all of its inhabitants. You are invited to slow down, sink into your inner wisdom, and intently listen to your dreams, among the beauty of Butterfly Pavilion’s tropical paradise with hundreds of butterflies.

Instructor: Ashley Young

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