Pollinator Gardening Bootcamp

Patio/Small Space Gardening

No yard? No Problem! Anyone can create and indulge in a beautiful garden space, and any outdoor space can serve pollinators! Meet some small-space plant powerhouses, talk structure and resources in containers, and get inspired to make big change in little areas.

Pollinator Garden Design

What looks good to human and insect eyes? Design your own habitat garden! Explore principles of aesthetic design, tool use, and what a truly pollinator-friendly design should include.

Pollinator Garden Maintenance & Care

What does it take to have a garden space that is truly pollinator-friendly? Explore techniques and approaches in encouraging your garden to thrive as it’s own mini-ecosystem, and reap the benefits of less money, time, and resources spent on your space. Learn the do’s and don’ts of clean up, the signs and symptoms of different visitors to your garden, and the magic in embracing a little bit of “mess”.

Pollinator Garden Preparation & Planting

So you want a pollinator garden... but how do you make it a reality? Creating a healthy garden goes beyond pretty plant choices and where to place them. Learn the practical pieces of installation and habitat-friendly practices and approaches – explore planting techniques, soil health, irrigation and groundcover choices and more.

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