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Summer Pollinator Program 4th-5th at the Denver Premium Outlets

The Summer Pollinator Program is held at the Denver Premium Outlets at the Play Park.

June 5: Pollinator 101 - What is a pollinator? How does pollination work? Come explore what pollinators are and why we need them.

June 12: Pollinating Plants - Students will be scientists and dissect flowers to discover how pollination works.

June 19: Honeybees - Explore the world of honeybees and what makes them powerful pollinators.

June 26: Solitary Bees - Did you know not all bees live in a hive and make honey? Discover the incredible world of solitary bees and how many live in our backyards.

July 10: Bumblebees - Have you ever seen fuzzy bumblebees? In this session, students will explore the world of bumblebees and what makes them powerful pollinators.

July 17: Spectacular Butterflies - Butterflies are more than just beautiful; they are powerful pollinators! In this hands-on class, students will discover what makes butterflies pollinators.

July 24: Beautiful Beetles - Are beetles pollinators? Have you ever heard of mess and soil pollination? Student scientists will discover what makes beetles powerful pollinators.

July 31: Unlovable Pollinators - Not all pollinators are cute and cuddly, some are some common unlovable bugs. Students will discover the wide variety of pollinators in this hands-on class.

August 7: Colorado Pollinators - Come discover the powerful pollinators that live here in Colorado with us and explore how we can help them survive.

August 14: Plant Partners - Did you know that some plants only have one pollinator! Through an interactive game, students will discover how special pollinators are and why plants need them.

August 21: Pollinator Trivia - Come test your pollinator knowledge in this interactive class and play some fun pollinator games.

August 28: Pollinator Conservation - Discover what you can do to help save pollinators in this interactive citizen science class.

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