MLK Day Camp 1/15: Time Travelers

Discover the giant bugs and cascading effects of the Paleozoic Era!


Winter Camp 1/2: Beetle Mania

Come explore the diverse world of beetles and how they make up the majority of the bugs in the world!


Winter Camp 1/3: Majestic Moths

Explore the diverse world of moths and discover these beauties that mostly come out at night and why they are important to us! 

Winter Camp 12/20: Bioluminescence

12/21 Bioluminescence:

What is bioluminescence? What bugs have bioluminescence? Come explore with us how animals make their own light and how they use it!


Winter Camp 12/21: Biofluorescence

12/21: Biofluorescence

What is biofluorescence? What bugs have biofluorescence? Come explore with us how animals make their own light and how they use it!


Winter Camp 12/22: Under the Moon

Do all bugs come out during the day? Come explore the wonderful world of bugs that prefer to be active during the night!

Winter Camp 12/26: Praying Mantis 101

Are praying mantis insects or arachnids? Why do some look like flowers and others look like leaves? Come spend the day with us as we explore the world of praying mantises!


Winter Camp 12/27: Poison vs. Venom

Is a monarch butterfly poisonous or venomous? What about a spider? Come spend the day with us and explore which bugs are poisonous and which are venomous!

Winter Camp 12/28: Masters of Disguise

Who is better at camouflaging, a cuttlefish or an octopus? Do some bugs really look like flowers? Come spend the day with us as we explore the bugs that camouflage and what makes them masters of disguise!

Winter Camp 12/29: Rollie Pollies!

Slaters, potato bugs, doodle bugs cheeselogs. Or rollypollies no matter what you call them they all have the talent of rolling up in a ball!  Explore the diversity of rollypollies and discover the many different colors and sizes that they are and why we should care!

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