Summer Camp Week 10: Bugs in Pop Culture

Week 10: Bugs in Pop Culture; August 8th - August 12th

What bugs inspired A Bug's Life? Are the bugs in Animal Crossing accurate? Are the bugs in Pokémon based on real animals? Come spend the week with us and discover how bugs have influenced our favorite games and movies!


Summer Camp Week 6: Junior Zookeeper

Week 6 (Repeat Week 1 Theme): Junior Zookeeper; July 11th - July 15th

Have you ever wondered what a zookeeper does all day? Come spend a week of summer in the life of different zookeepers at Butterfly Pavilion!


Summer Camp Week 7: Critter Classification

Week 7 (Repeat Week 2 Theme): Critter Classification; July 18th - July 22nd

Is a scorpion an arachnid? Is a snail a mollusk or crustacean? What is an octopus? Come spend the week with us as we learn the different orders that some of our favorite bugs are in, and be prepared, some might surprise you!


Summer Camp Week 8: Time Travelers

Week 8 (Repeat Week 3 Theme): Time Travelers; July 25th - July 29th

Why were the bugs so big in the Carboniferous Period? What caused the Cambrian Explosion? What new species evolved during the Paleozoic Era? Come spend the week with us and discover the giant bugs and cascading effects of the Paleozoic Era!


Summer Camp Week 9: Aquatic Adventures

Week 9 (Repeat Week 4 Theme): Aquatic Adventures; August 1st - August 5th

What is the difference between the Great Barrier Reef and the Florida Reef Tract? What animals live in the Everglades? Come spend the week with us as we learn all about the incredible water ecosystems and water animals around the world! *The typical water day at the end of the week will be determined based on the current status of the environment and how much precipitation we receive in the previous months* 


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