Friday May 14: Endangered Species

Friday May 14: Endangered Species What does endangered mean? What do people do to help these animals that may go extinct? Join us as we learn about why animals are becoming endangered and what you can do to help.

Friday May 21: Incredible Pets

Friday May 21: Incredible Pets Have you ever wanted a tarantula for a pet? What about a fish? How hard can it be to take care of these animals? Come learn all about the best practices for owning these animals someday, with parent permission of course!

Thurs June 3: Bug Beauty Pageant Single Day Camp

Bug Beauty Pageant: Do you think spiders are cute? What about a praying mantis? Can moths be prettier than butterflies? Come in for a fun-filled day where you will be surprised by the bugs that you used to think were scary, can actually be very beautiful.

Tues June 1: Great Coral Reefs Single Day Camp

Great Coral Reefs: Is the Great Barrier Reef the same as the Florida Reef Tract? Do the same animals call the different reefs home? Dive in with us as we discover what animals inhabit these incredible reefs.

Weds June 2: Voracious Predators Single Day Camp

Voracious Predators: Dragonflies, spiders and sea stars, who is the top predator of this bug - eat - bug world? Come join us for a day for the different ways these bugs survive in order to thrive.

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