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Winter Break Camps

Wednesday December 22:

Snails and Slugs: Have you ever seen a snail next to a slug? What's the difference? Gather with us as we discover what makes a snail, versus a slug and how they like to shine bright like holiday lights!


Thursday December 23:

Beetles, Beetles, Beetles: Do you like beetles? If you do, this is the camp for you! Learn with us as we uncover the amazing qualities of these animals that make up most of the invertebrate population.


Monday December 27:

Bright Jellies: Do you know what a sea jelly is? Why do these animals light up? Dive down deep with us as we find out why they light up and what the various patterns and colors might mean.


Tuesday December 28:

Big and Small Jellies: How big can a sea jelly get? What is the smallest size of sea jelly? Spend the day with us as we learn about the different sizes of sea jellies and what that means for you the next time you go swimming.


Wednesday December 29:

Different Jellies: Sea jellies are only found in the oceans, right? Join us as we discover if sea jellies are found only in the sea and how they might change, depending on where they live.


Thursday December 30:

Cephalopods: Nautilus and Cuttles: What is a cephalopod? How are these animals similar? Spend one of the last days of the year with us as we try to answer these questions and discover how these animals relate to us.


Monday January 3:

Cephalopods: Squid and Octopus: How are an octopus and squid related? How can you tell them apart? Join us in the new year as we learn about these nautical creatures and how their colors, textures, and patterns help them survive.


Monday January 17:

Martin Luther King Day, Electric Pokémon: Join us for another spectacular day, all centered around electric type Pokémon! Learn about these amazing creatures and how they relate to animals found all around the world!


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