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Spring Break Camp - Single Day

Spring Break Camp 2020 - Single Day Registration

Monday March 23: Butterflies and Moths

                Does a butterfly make a cocoon or chrysalis? What s the difference? Join us in this tropical day to learn all about how butterflies and moths transform to the beautiful flying insects we see around the world.

Tuesday March 24: Under Water

                Do sea creatures like coral, sea jellies and octopuses transform like caterpillars into butterflies? Or is their transformation completely different? Dive down deep with us to learn about marine invertebrate life cycles and witness some of these amazing animals up close.

Wednesday March 25: Beetles, Ants and Bees

                Does the larva of a beetle, ant or bee look similar to a moth? How are they different? Buzz on over as we step inside the homes of these mighty workers to see how their transformation is completed.

Thursday March 26: Plants

                Do plants go through a transformation similar to bees or coral? Do they transform at all? Grow with us as we learn about different parts of the plant and how they survive based on where they live.

Friday March 27: Incomplete Metamorphosis

                Lots of animals and plants transform but do they all transform with the same stages? Explore with us as we discover the different ways our animals and plants grow up.



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